Adaptive Learning & Special Needs

Perfect Partners (p.4)

Children with reading difficulties (such as dyslexia) will benefit from support in reading the words in the circles. Read aloud both the beliefs and the actions. As you read each phrase, place your finger next to it, so the child can see where he or she wishes to draw the lines to connect the beliefs to their corresponding actions.

Children with visual or fine motor difficulties might need some support with this activity. It might be helpful to use a ruler or straight edge to guide learners with fine motor challenges as they make the connecting lines. Learners who are blind or visually impaired might need to have the words in the circles read aloud and, if necessary, might need someone to draw the connecting lines for them.

Children with attention problems or impulsive behavior often pay more attention when they are moving. These children might benefit from doing the activity on page 4 in a kinetic manner.  Write each belief and each action on separate sheets of paper. Give either a belief or an action to each child.  Have all learners with beliefs stand on one side of the room and all learners with actions stand on the other side. Have the children who have beliefs walk to the center of the room, one at a time, and read their page. Ask the child with the relevant action to walk to the center of the room and meet the other child. Do this until all children have found their “partners.”

Made One by the Holy Spirit (p. 7)

Children with dysgraphia and other fine motor difficulties might benefit from assistance in writing the letters in the boxes on this page.

I Do (p. 10)

Children with reading difficulties (such as dyslexia) might benefit from assistance in reading the text in each box on this page.

Promises in Action (p. 11)

Children with writing and fine motor difficulties (such as dysgraphia), children with reading difficulties (such as dyslexia), children who are blind or visually impaired and children with intellectual/developmental delays will need support in order to write the last promise in this activity. If necessary, allow them to dictate the promise to you, and help them write it down.